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What: A Thing
Where: Stuff
Ages: 5-59 months old
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What: Something
Where: Developing Countries
Ages: 5-59 months old
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What: KUTOA Bars & Kids Squares
Where: Throughout the USA
Ages: 5-13 years old
Why: Provide local in-need youth with healthy, portable nutrition

What: Healthy Sandwiches
Where: USA and Globally
Ages: 5-13 years old
Why: Provide in-need youth with fresh and nutritious meals, purchased and made locally

Why Malnutrition?

It's Important

Malnutrition is by far the #1 cause of childhood mortality worldwide.

It's Urgent

On average, a child dies every 6 seconds. That's 5 million children a year.

It's Impactful

Since 2011, KUTOA has sent almost 200,000 meals.

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