The AeroPress is an immersion brewing system that combines the unique properties of 3 different brewing devices all in one. The result is a clean cup of coffee in less than 1 minute, which has been laboratory tested to be 5 times less acidic than drip coffee. With the AeroPress you’ll enjoy smooth, rich coffee the way we intended you to have it.

AeroPress coffee tastes better because the coffee grounds are totally immersed in the hot water (like a French Press), resulting in fast and extensive extraction of the coffee flavor. After about 20 seconds the coffee is forced through a very fine paper filter by pressing the plunger through the tube. The concept is similar to an espresso machine. The AeroPress method shortens the brew time to 20 seconds or less, which avoids the unpleasant bitterness created by slower brewing methods. The AeroPress is made completely from translucent copolyester, and contains no BPA.

The AeroPress package includes:

1 x AeroPress brewer
1 x Scoop
1 x Funnel for grounds
1 x Stirrer
1 x 350 Paper filters