Air is the enemy of many things, including numerous food items. In food, oxygen promotes bacteria growth (mold). In coffee, air quickly oxidizes the beans making them flat with little aroma and no subtle flavors.

Unlike canisters that lock the air inside with the contents, our airless coffee canister is an innovative solution that removes substance eating air from the container. The lid includes a patent-pending valve that forces air out before locking into place. The second lid (referred to as top lid) is clear and designed to let you see your content amount + it prevents harmful ultra-violet light to reach the contents. The canister is made from restaurant grade 18/8 stainless steel. The durable construction resists staining as well as odor and taste transfer. This container can store up to approximately 1 pound of whole bean coffee.

Also great for storing tea, brown sugar, cookies and much more. A smaller size container is also available (½ pound).

The Large Airscape package includes:

1 x restaurant grade stainless steel container (4.75” diameter x 7” high)
1 x lid which includes the patented valve system that forces air out and locks lid in place
1 x transparent top lid