Carpe Diem Espresso

Coffee Description: Our flagship espresso blend. An intense, ebony espresso with smoky overtones and a medium acidity. This blend is sure to please anyone who doubles the suggested serving size when making their coffee. Enjoy this espresso before any dessert for a sweet treat without sugar, great for cappuccinos or lattes. Faint hints of bittersweet chocolate and heavy body in the cup. If you want a more bitter espresso, drink this after a sweet dessert.  This truly is a coffee that wakens all your senses.

Country: Central & South America Flavor: Bittersweet chocolate
Type: Arabica 100% Aroma: Smoky, Light Sweetness
Varietal: Varying Body: Heavy
Roast: Medium (Full City), Dark (French Roast) Recommend Brew: Espresso, Plunger, Aeropress