Colombia Medellin Co-op DARK - Single Origin

Coffee Description: Medellin is one of the three large growing areas in Colombia producing the majority of Colombian coffee. Situated at the foot of the Andes, where the climate is temperate and moist, Colombia Medellin Co-op displays a smooth silky body that will satisfy a multitude of preferences. The flavor is subtle and sweet but not overpowering. This varietal is certainly not the most complex of our selection but its subtle nature is a great addition to anyone who is a connoisseur of Colombian Coffee.

Stronger than the Brazilian Santos, this coffee has a touch of the acidity that is prominent in African coffees. A clean rich finish, this is a sure crowd pleaser. Drink at any time of day or evening. Also available as a medium roast for those who like a brighter, less bitter cup.

Country: Colombia Process: Wet-Process
Location / Region: Medellin Roast: Dark (French Roast)
Farm / Estate: Co-op Flavor: Almond, Cherry
Elevation: 1100 – 1500 meters (ASL) Aroma: Nutty, Fruity
Harvest Period: February – June / September – January Body: Medium, Silky
Type: Arabica 100% Recommended Brew: Filter, Plunger, Aeropress
Varietal: Bourbon, Typica