Colombia Swiss Water Decaf

Coffee Description: While the majority of decaffeinated coffees use chemical solvents to strip the caffeine molecules from the green coffee bean, the Swiss Water Process uses water from the coastal mountains of British Columbia in Canada to gently remove the caffeine. Not only does this process benefit from being chemical-free, but it removes 99.9% of the caffeine and ensures the bean retains the characteristics that the grower has worked so tirelessly to develop.

You can read about the science behind this process at

This no compromise method enables this decaffeinated pulped natural coffee to continue to offer its rich, nutty characteristics

Country: Colombia Process: Swiss Water
Location / Region: Unknown Roast: Medium (Full City)
Farm / Estate: Co-op Flavor: Almond, Cherry
Elevation: Unknown Aroma: Sweet
Harvest Period: Unknown Body: Medium
Type: Arabica 100% Recommended Brew: Filter, Plunger, Aeropress
Varietal: Mixed