Espro Press LARGE

If you must only have one coffee making device in your house, let it be this. The Espro Press is a precision coffee brewer that preserves all of the flavours and aromas of the coffee by micro-filtering the brew twice with unique metal filters. These micro-filters keep the grounds out of your cup and enhance the aromatic oils of the coffee. The primary filter is 5 to 8 times finer than the filter on a standard French Press and the secondary filter is 9 to 12 times finer than a standard French Press.

For this reason the flavors are much cleaner compared to a conventional press pot. Coffee made with the Espro Press is heavy bodied like a French Press but with a cleaner mouth feel and a more buttery body. The Espro is made of a double wall vacuum insulated stainless vessel that keeps the brew temperature consistent, and keeps the coffee warmer up to 4 times longer compared to glass model French Presses.

Product Specifications
Table serving size - Makes about 30 ounces or 3 to 4 North American cups of coffee.

The large Espro Press package includes:
1 x 30 ounce Espro Press (includes plunger and filters)