Mypressi Twist

We discovered the Twist by way of researching the best dollar for value brewing devices on the market. At first glance this device looked like a gadget… and we were right. It’s a gadget that bridges the gap between the science of extracting perfect espresso and simplicity.

The patent-pending engine on the Twist effortlessly produces single or double shots espresso from either fresh ground coffee or ESE pods. Put in the ground coffee, pour in some hot water, pull the trigger and seconds later you will enjoy an espresso worthy enough to challenge your local coffee house. Clean-up is just as easy - give the Twist a quick rinse and you’re done.

The Twist obtains its operating pressure from the same recyclable and affordable NO2 pressure cartridges that have been safely used in whipped cream dispensers worldwide for over 80 years. Each cartridge has sufficient pressure to make up to four double shots or eight single shots of espresso.

In our lab, the Twist has delivered espressos on par with machines worth 15 times its price.

The Mypressi Twist package includes:

1 x Pressurized double-shot (14-21g) basket
1 x Standard double-shot (14-21g) basket
1 x ESE pod adaptor and single-shot (7g) basket
1 x 53mm tamper
4 x 8g N2O pressure cartridges
1 x Travel pouch
1 x Drip-catcher coaster
1 x O-ring replacement kit

Weight: 3 lbs. Width: 3.5" Length: 10.5" Height: 3.5"