Porlex Large

This stainless steel grinder is bar none THE BEST manual coffee grinder on the market. Throughout our testing no other manual grinder could replicate time after time this level of consistency. The grinder was designed for coffee lovers by coffee lovers. This is a perfect travel companion to anyone who is often on the move and who appreciates a quality cup of coffee OR for the noble men who value the tradition of doing things themselves. A perfect gift for the coffee aficionados.

The grinder will satisfy all grinding requirements – from a very fine Turkish grind to a very coarse French Press type grind. The body is made of 100% stainless steel and the conical burr is made of ceramic. The inner spring mechanism keeps the burr evenly adjusted and is a breeze to adjust. This grinder is durable - I’ve dropped it so many times that I know tell my customers “this is the only mechanical device of the 21 century you’ll be passing onto your kids”.

Grinder features:

    Ceramic conical burr
    Full adjustment of the grind – from very fine Turkish to very coarse French Press
    Grinder dimensions: 1 7/8"D x 7 3/8"H (Handle dimension ~ 6")
    Very quiet with effortless turning force required to grind
    Hopper Capacity is approximately 38 grams of whole bean coffee (medium roast)
    Made in Osaka, Japan

      The Large Porlex Grinder package includes:

      1 x Grinder
      1 x Cover (for the hoper)
      1 x Bottom catch
      1 x Handle